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Flushable personal wipes

Swipes Lovin Wipes Are Eco-Friendly, Truly Flushable Moist Wipes

The wet wipe has become a common hygiene product in many American homes. While the convenience of flushable moist wipes make them a logical choice for personal hygiene, the masses of not so biodegradable paper we flush down our toilets are less than ideal for the environment. Swipes Lovin Wipes provide the answer to this dilemma, with an all-natural biodegradable wet wipe that’s as good for you as it is for the environment. Swipes Lovin Wipes are truly flushable personal hygiene wipes made from fibers derived from 100% renewable resources. Swipes flushable moist wipes are safe for disposal in even the most delicate septic systems, and can even be disposed of in compost piles. So you know when you use a Swipes wipe for your personal hygiene needs, you aren’t harming the environment. Swipes Lovin Wipes are also made with completely natural ingredients like pure water, aloe, and vitamin E, making them a gentle and effective personal hygiene product you can trust.

The First Flushable Personal Wipes Designed Specifically For Adults

Swipes Lovin Wipes were created specifically to cleanse and refresh your most sensitive areas before and after intimate encounters. Our unscented moist wipes allow you to quickly freshen up before a romantic interlude, without the unpleasant telltale odor left behind by traditional baby wipes. The cucumber scented version gives you the option to add a subtle, romantic aroma that your partner is sure to find appealing. The convenient travel sized Swipes flushable personal wipes come individually packaged so you can easily carry them in your purse or wallet. Having a Swipes Lovin Wipe on hand makes it easy to give in to a romantic mood wherever it may strike you, knowing that the confidence of cleanliness is just a swipe away. Swipes personal wipes also make clean up after intimacy a snap, so you can just flush the mess away and get back to the happy afterglow of your romantic interlude. Who wants to spend time fumbling with messy bath towels or sticky toilet paper? Swipes Lovin Wipes come in a convenient re-sealable package that is perfect for storage in a bathroom or nightstand, so you never have to interrupt a romantic moment for the chore of post-intimacy clean up ever again.

Swipes Lovin Wipes Are Much More Than Just Wet Wipes

You may also choose to use Swipes personal wipes to clean almost any surface in your home. Like any wet wipe, Swipes can be used in lieu of any ordinary household disinfecting wipe to cleanse everything from messy hands to kitchen countertops. Swipes Lovin Wipes are a healthy alternative to harsh, alcohol-drenched hand sanitizing wipes. Swipes Lovin Wipes are gentle enough to be used around the delicate skin of the eyes instead of non-flushable makeup remover wipes. Choosing Swipes instead of other paper products can help you to cut back on your disposal of non-biodegradable waste. When you choose an all-natural, eco-friendly product like Swipes Lovin Wipes, everyone around you benefits. Swipes Lovin Wipes are manufactured here in the United States, so you know when you buy Swipes personal wipes you are purchasing a product that is safe from the harmful manufacturing processes that are common abroad. Swipes Lovin Wipes are a healthy, responsible choice for you and your family. All natural, eco-friendly, truly flushable personal hygiene wipes; Swipes Lovin Wipes are the answer to all of life’s little messes.

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