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Wet wipes vs swipes

Wet Wipes Like Cottonelle and Charmin May Cause Rashes – Swipes are a Chemical-Free Alternative.

A New Report from the Mayo Clinic Shows a Correlation Between Certain Chemicals Often Contained in Cottonelle and Charmin Wet Wipes that can Cause Serious Rashes and Irritation. Researchers Encourage Wet Wipe Users to Switch to a Brand Without Harsh Chemicals or Preservatives, Such as Swipes.

Many wet wipes, including the popular brands Cottonelle and Charmin, may contain the chemical Methylchloroisothiazolinone, or MCI. This chemical was sited in a recent report from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, as being a serious cause for concern. MCI and other popular preservatives used in wet wipes can cause serious and prolonged skin rashes and irritations, especially when used on sensitive or irritated skin. Many people who suffer from rashes or sensitive skin believe that wet wipes help to clean the area and soothe the irritation, but if the wet wipes contain harsh chemicals and preservatives like MCI, this is unfortunately not the case. In the Archives of Dermatology, the researchers noted, "Patients often continue to use the most toilet paper with the belief that the cleansing will help heal the lesions. They may not make the correlation that the moist toilet paper is the culprit."

One specific case studied by the researches at the Mayo clinic involved a 49 year old mailman who suffered a rash so severe that he could not walk and had to take a two month leave from his job. When he stopped the use of Kimberly-Clarks Cottonelle wet wipes, some of which contain MCI, the problem cleared up right away. Individuals who are allergic to MCI will have the strongest reactions to the chemical, and all of the allergic patients in the Mayo study reported 80-95% improvement after discontinuing the use of Cottonelle wet wipes.

If you want the sanitary benefits of wet wipes without the harsh and harmful chemicals and preservatives contained in popular brand name wet wipes such as Cottonelle or Charmin, you should consider making the switch to Swipes. Swipes wet wipes do not contain harsh chemicals such as MCI. Instead, Swipes are made with pure water and truly soothing all-natural ingredients including aloe and vitamin E. Swipes are eco-friendly wet wipes which do not contain any harsh ingredients, and are completely free of alcohol, chlorine, and preservatives like MCI. Swipes are also completely biodegradable and made from 98% renewable resources, making them just as good for the environment as they are for you. Stop exposing your most intimate areas to harmful chemicals. Make the switch to Swipes today.

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